Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Theres something about Wednesdays ....

I really quite like Wednesdays, granted they are not as good as Fridays for those of us who work a standard working week.

It's a specific time on a Wednesday that makes me smile ... that time is 1.15pm ... and why ?? well you see at 1.15pm I have done exactly half a working week, don't get me wrong I quite like my job & I'm not clock-watching my life away ... but as that pc clock clicks over to 1.15pm a little pleasurable thought floats into my head .... I have less of the working week to do then I've already done ... which in turn means the weekend is closer than it has been all week!!

In celebration of this little moment of the week, me & my colleague Pete raise a coffee & dip a malted milk biccie!

Let me introduce my colleague Pete as he will probably make a few appearances over time!
He is a what i call a typical Graphic Designer (apologies to those GD's out there), he survives on a diet of very strong black coffee & cigarettes, has a mop of hair that stands up like a mad professor when he pulls at it in frustration at yet another "idiot client" and an amazing ability to hint at double entendre with the raise of one bushy eyebrow when I am trying to conduct a serious conversation on the phone , a talent that has had me spluttering many a time!!

Anyway I digress ....Isn't it strange how we get into little rituals of time ... or is it just me ....??

10.30am ..... all quiet for popmaster on radio 2
3pm ..... must be a caffeine top up time
4.40pm ......... last cuppa of the day the one where you kick back , discuss the day!

Maybe its because I have a structured day, maybe those of you out there that have a more laidback lifestyle don't have time structures?
Maybe its a human trait that we all have to some extent?

Maybe tomorrow I'll live dangerously & have that last coffee at 4.50pm!!

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