Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Following in my Fathers footsteps

I'm very new to this blogging .... my dad is a keen blogger & I always read his entries with interest so this is dipping a toe into new waters! My Dads blog by the way is aheronsview ...

I wonder if I will find as much interesting things to talk about I live in a busy midlands town, with a fulltime job & all the trappings of modern life .... but I think we all have something to share from all walks of life!

So let me share a little about myself as I mentioned I live in the Midlands but originally from Somerset, I'm an only child of only children & I'm married to an only child ...there must be a future blog in there somewhere!

I'm a keen amatuer photographer & love to travel all over the world ... which I have a feeling may also appear frequently in entries!

I manage a printroom, which is great because I meet all sorts of people who I'm sure will provide many an anecdote for on here!

So here we go my first post ....


  1. May wise womanly words slip subtly sideways to endear you to all of your present and future followers!

  2. WELCOME TO BlogLand!
    As one of the people who will no doubt be held responsible for your Father's Foray into the Blogging area..welcome and it is so nice to see someone dabble their toes in the water..Plunge in and paddle away!
    Blessings on your blogging!

  3. As a friend of Mr and Mrs Heron I would just like to say hello and welcome. May you have many followers.

  4. I look forward to getting to know you more.