Sunday, 31 January 2010

Isn't nature beautiful .....

As mentioned previously I have been in Glastonbury for the weekend, as usual my trusty little compact camera was with me. I love photography and I'm always on the look out for that perfect picture moment! I also have a digital SLR that is my pride & joy but not easy to throw in a weekend bag so it was over to the compact!

I forget how beautiful the Somerset levels are as the winter sunshine lights up the flat green moors with the Tor rising in the background

It really was a photographers day with brilliant blue skies, we were actually on the way to see my best friend who lives in town but the call of the levels were too much as I veered out of Glastonbury ... where are you going my hubby asks ..... I just have to take a couple of photos ..... we head onto the levels & turn onto this lovely straight road which runs parallel to the tor!

I'm wandering about in the middle of the road snapping away while my husband worries I may get run over ..... bless him I don't like to point out that these roads are very quiet & I can see for miles!

With my picture taking urge fufilled we continued with our visiting but as we returned & the sky turned a fantastic colour the draw was there again as the levels silhouetted against a beautiful sky!

Beautiful ... nature finishes the day with a final flourish!!!


  1. Welcome home. Beautiful photographs. The sunset is fantastic. I wish you and your hubby a blessed and joyous Imbolc.

  2. You know apart from the jolly old Tor it looks a bit like parts of Ireland, it has that same quality of light, that is very special to photographers & artists alike. Hope you had a pleasant weekend break.

  3. Thank you for your comments .... I love the winter light ......those crystal clear blue skies makes the colours of the earth come alive ...... the weekend was remarkably calm & stress free .... were you sending peacefull vibes Mr Heron!!? lol xx