Sunday, 7 February 2010

Googlewhacking .....?????

I think I'm a little behind the times but have any of you heard of googlewhacking!????

Friday I stumbled across a very odd but strangely compelling program called Dave Gormans Googlewhack adventure ....  now I'm quite a fan of Dave Gorman, I like his style of humour, its not convential stand up but a sort of combination of travel & seeking out with humour! Anyway I digress .... back to Googlewhacking!

For those of you who don't know googlewhacking is putting two seperate words into the google search engine & getting a 1 website hit that contains both words on one page! They must be google recognised dictionary words & the web page must be a proper page not a dictionary page or just a list of words! Sounds so simple ... and on this programme it seemed so ...

I like to play with words so I spent sometime thinking about words that shouldn't appear together on a webpage, I can't believe I let a program get into my head but I was intrigued that something so simple could be so difficult .... can you believe that there are 3940 websites with the words ambidextrous aardvark on ... what on earth are they talking about??? Taramasalata Elephant ....1060 web pages ....why???

As you can imagine by now I'm thinking stop ..there must be much more interesting or important things you could be doing ... but I'm a person who doesn't like to be defeated especially when words are involved ... so I continued .... siphoning alligators ... 10.800 pages ... now I'm a broad minded woman but what are these web sites doing?? How do you siphon an alligator?????

I think I need to walk away before I totally lose my mind to this task .... but if you find yourself just a little bored and fancy a googlewhack & you find one please put me out my misery & tell me!!


  1. I did manage it once but I cannot remember the words I used. I think there are so many more websites now, that it it more difficult.

    Floundering Fustyweed got two.

  2. Sorry, I have yet to try that out, it is not though that I have not heard of the past time!

    Just that I spend my online time reading, commenting on other folks blogs or keeping up to date on the world news etc. etc.

  3. I still haven't managed it Molly but the urge to try has subsided now! Just a dabble now & again! lol

    You're absoloutly right Mr Heron there are much more meaningful things to do online but I can't resist a challenge!! The one good thing from my foray into Googlewacking is the new words I have discovered! A small amount of educational value in a silly quest!

  4. It seems to have gone very quiet of late. I hope you all enjoyed a great Paddy's day whatever your religious persuasion. It was cold here in Mayo but we had a good time watching the parade. Spring Equinox arriving shortly so time to celebrate again.
    BB. Tony

  5. I found you on your father's blog. I know you are so busy with Oliver, but I wish you would start blogging again. I have enjoyed what you have done so far. Your dad keeps me abreast of little Oliver and since I don't have any grandchildren...I am living vicariously through him!