Friday, 5 February 2010

Garden visitors...

As I've mentioned I'm a keen photographer. recently i bought a telephoto lens for my digital SLR camera in readiness for our holiday in Costa Rica where I hope to capture some wildlife photos! So I've been practicing on our native wildlife, these are taken through our kitchen window which accounts for the slight haze & lack of sharpness!

It all looks a bit precarious .........

She wasn't impressed with my laughing at her balancing act!!

Being in town we don't attract a wide variety of birds but the sparrows visit a lot we now have a pair of bule tits (who i haven't managed to capture yet) & our opposite neighbours racing pigeons come to have a look too!


  1. Amazing photos for a 'little warm up dabble'.

  2. Thanks Molly - believe me I have hundreds of duff bird photos too ... my hubby says I've turned into a "twitcher"!!! lol