Thursday, 10 February 2011

Celebrations .........

Me & my husband have been talking lately of christening our son ..... however the traditional christening doen't lie comfortably with us! Neither of us are religious & we felt hypocritical to use a church to just fulfill a wish to celebrate our sons birth with friends & family! I understand to some a faith is a comfort & a blessing & for us to trivalise that by attending church for 6 weeks prior just so we can have a christening & then never setting foot in the church again seems wrong & boardering on a lie. Morals that I would not want to pass on to my son so early in his life! So what to do .............

Well we had a trawl through the internet & came upon naming days, essentially there are 2 options a civil ceremony (not unlike a wedding) at a registry office, or a humanist ceremony which can be conducted anywhere but normally in your home/garden!

We liked the idea of an informal ceremony in our garden, we haven't the biggest garden going but it should contain the 30+ people we want to invite! Hopefully it won't be covered in snow like the below picture!!!

So now the planning begins ..... easy i think invite lots of people, have ceremony, lots of food & drink ...good times!!! Then the logistics start to pop into my head ...

30+ chairs ..... hmmm bring a chair party???
30+ glasses ..... bring a chair & a glass party???
30+ plates ....bring a chair, glass & plate party???
30+ knives & forks .... bring a chair, glass, plate, knife & fork party???

I think you get the idea!!

So time to set different people to task .... I phoned my father in law .... checked he's free for the date ..yep ...just a few small favours then .... hesitant yeahhh ... can you find 30+ chairs??? silence .... ohh and a marquee or several gazebos .... bigger silence .....  preferably with sides in case of rain ..... he's a resourceful man I'm sure he'll do just fine!!!!

I've yet to assign my other tasks but  the list is growing .........

Anyway it should be fun, looking forward to discussing the details with the celebrant tonight & then full steam ahead ..

Right where to get 30+ glasses from ..................


  1. A very good idea to skip the church thing, if young Oliver feels the need later in life to adopt a faith, he can do so.
    As for making life easier in catering then
    use paper plates, plastic knives, forks and glasses, saves on breakages & washing up! In regards to seating for the multidues beg, borrow or steal :)

    Finally for good weather on the day ask your friendly Witches & Druids to do a bit of weather working for you. In case you think I am joking I am not.

    Good Luck!

  2. Completely agree with you that Oliver can make his own mind up later.
    Teaching him right from wrong as he grows isn't dependent on a religion after all.
    Looking forward to the ceremony!